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Aloha, my name is Amitabh and I am a Somatic Experiencing® practitioner in Haiku, located on the north shore of Maui.  Somatic Experiencing® is an approach which focuses on the healing of PTSD, anxiety or any stress-related issues.   In this work, we create a body-mind dialogue which serves as an entry door to your nervous system.  The beauty of this technique is the gentleness with which the client organically moves through difficulties and releases excess energy from the nervous system. I also work with Somatic Experiencing® supportive touch and mindfulness techniques.

I consider a successful therapeutic approach to be a system that considers the organism as a whole.  Addressing and taking care of the symptoms is important; however, to successfully treat a problem we have to identify and heal its roots.  I facilitate the therapeutic process with gentleness and care, always moving at your pace and according to your needs.  I am happy to create a safe container for you, where you can venture in the direction of well-being and happiness.


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